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JA Renovation was founded in 2002 and is an award-winning interior design firm in DUBAI, UAE. We have received over 15 awards for our outstanding interior design work.

We have successfully completed over a thousand interior design projects, both residential and commercial. Luxury interior design, residential architectural and interior design, showroom interior design, restaurant interior design, office interior design, gym interior design, hotel and educational institute interior design are our specialties.

What We Offer

Restaurant fit out interior design, essentially. Nevertheless, you must comprehend what makes our designs unique.

We create cost-effective and sustainable designs.

We create themed restaurant designs so that you can achieve the desired cuisine and cultural ambiance.

We recognise that restaurant interior design encompasses much more than lighting, wall decor, flooring, and furniture. When it comes to restaurant design, everything from the basic interiors to the distance between the kitchen and dining area is important.

  • We can provide you with a design that is both functional and fashionable!
  • Our Approach to Restaurant Interior Design
  • When designing a restaurant, we keep the following in mind:
  • An engaging design
  • A sustainable and profitable design

The design of a restaurant must be enticing enough to make the customer feel delighted upon first sight. We ensure that your restaurant’s ambiance is conducive to your customers’ enjoyment of their meals, as ambiance contributes significantly to the perception of food.

Additionally, the design must be sustainable enough to help you establish a profitable restaurant. With the help of our energy-saving technological advancements, your restaurant can have a design that contributes to its overall success.

Restaurant Interior Design in DUBAI, UAE

If you are looking for professional restaurant interior design, JA Renovation is the answer to all your needs. We provide comprehensive restaurant interior design services to create spaces that are truly inviting and have their own distinct personality and character. Create the restaurant of your dreams with our help; schedule a consultation here.

The days when a restaurant was only a place to eat decent food in a comfortable setting are long gone. Today, dining out is much more than a meal; it is an experience. A customer considers a variety of factors when selecting a restaurant for dining out, with ambience being the most important. The ideal ambiance is created by a combination of elements, including lighting, patterns, walls, accessories, artwork, and so on. The colour scheme you select will affect customer appetites and enhance the space’s aesthetic appeal. You must also consider the storage capacity and functionality of the furniture.

With so much at stake (in addition to the food and beverages), you require the services of a professional interior designer for your restaurant. They say that getting the blueprint correct is already halfway to success. Ultimately, the conception of design, the strategy to execute it, and the physical expression of design elements all contribute to attracting the desired customer base (which is a must for success in this industry).

Given the abundance of interior designers in DUBAI, UAE, it can be difficult to make an informed decision. However, if you want your restaurant to be the centre of attention and to be designed with elements that are as unique and flawless as you are, JA Renovation is the company for you!

We provide the ideal combination of comfort and functionality, elegance and style, while adhering to all regulations and standards.

In contrast to the majority of interior designers in DUBAI, UAE, our goal is not to simply impose a design without allowing you to provide input. Our approach to interior design is based on a collaborative style in which we encourage client participation. In addition, we suggest methods and approaches for doing so efficiently and suggest any possible enhancements. Therefore, the restaurant interior design you ultimately receive will have a personal touch, making the space cosier and more inviting.

When you hire us as your restaurant’s professional interior designer, you can rest assured that everything will be meticulously planned and well taken care of. We will assist you in every way possible, whether it be the procurement and ordering of materials or ensuring that you adhere to the budgetary constraints. We collaborate with clients on both layout creation and site management. Everything is completely transparent!

JA Renovation takes pride in its meticulousness. From the installation of a minor electrical fixture to the installation of a large chandelier in the middle of the dining room, we manage the entire process for our clients.

To ensure design consistency and adherence to the highest service quality standards, we assign a designer to each of our restaurant interior design projects. This gives our clients the flexibility to connect and collaborate as needed, while ensuring that the same script is followed throughout the entire project’s delivery.

We Provide Restaurant Design Services

  • Interior design for a bar
  • Cafe interior design.
  • Open lounge interior design.
  • The design of a rooftop restaurant’s interior
  • Lounge interior design.
  • Pubs’ interior design
  • The design of food court interiors
  • Design of a miniature restaurant
  • Thematic restaurant design based on the cuisine
  • Layout of a bakery

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